Titebond 3 Ultimate 3.785lt – Waterproof Cross-linking PVA – Light tan colour


Titebond 3 Ultimate Wood Glue.

3.785lt – Waterproof Cross-linking PVA – Light tan colour
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Titebond 3 Ultimate Wood Glue.

The first one-part, water cleanup wood glue ever offered that is proven waterproof. The waterproof formula passes the ANSI/HPVA Type I water-resistance specification and offers superior bond strength, longer open assembly time and lower application temperature. Titebond 3 is non-toxic, solvent free and cleans up with water – safer to use than traditional waterproof wood glues. It provides strong initial tack, sands easily without softening and is FDA approved for indirect food contact (cutting boards). The ultimate in wood glues – ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Viscosity Approx. 6,000cps. Ambient and timber temperatures should be above 10 degrees C.
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Titebond Adhesive Technical Information

Strength *4,000 psi3,750 psi3,750 psi
Open Time8-10 minutes3-5 minutes4-6 minutes
Chalk temp (Coalescing temp)7.2°C13°C10°C
Viscosity4,200 cps.4,000 cps.3,200 cps.
Exterior UseYesYesNo

* Maple to maple (ASTM D-905)
** Passes ANSI/HPVA Type I water-resistance
*** Passes ANSI/HPVA Type II water-resistance

What is Titebond®III Ultimate Wood Glue?
Titebond®III is the first one-part, waterproof wood glue that cleans up with
water and offers a two-year shelf life. It is an advanced, proprietary
polymer-based formula that offers preferred performance attributes as
defined by professional woodworkers. Titebond®III represents the benefits
of multiple gluing technologies and delivers them in a single product, ideal
for interior and exterior woodworking applications.
What is the difference between the ANSI/HPVA Type I and Type II
water-resistance specification?
Both of these tests are conducted using 6” by 6” birch laminates glued
together to make three-ply plywood. The test for Type I is clearly more
stringent than Type II, and involves boiling the glue bonds and testing the
specimens while they are wet.
Type I testing involves cutting the 6″ by 6″ assemblies into 1″ by 3″
specimens, boiling them for 4 hours, then baking the specimens in a 145˚F
oven for 20 hours. They are boiled for an additional 4 hours, then
immediately cooled using running water. The specimens are sheared while
wet, and the bonds must pass certain strength and wood failure
requirements to pass the Type I specification.
Type II testing involves cutting the 6″ by 6″ assemblies into 2″ by 5″
specimens, soaking them for 4 hours, then baking the specimens in a
120˚F oven for 19 hours. This is repeated for a total of three cycles, and the
bonds must not delaminate to pass the Type II specification.
How does Titebond®III compare to polyurethane glues?
While polyurethane glues bond well to a variety of materials, Titebond®III
is superior in many ways. In addition to excellent water-resistance, it
provides a stronger bond on wood-to-wood applications, doesn’t foam
and requires less clamp time. Titebond®III has no health issues, doesn’t
require the use of gloves and cleans up with water. It is significantly less
expensive than polyurethane glues and offers similar coverage rates.
Why should I use Titebond®III Ultimate Wood Glue instead of
Titebond®II or the other Titebond® Wood Glues?
While all Titebond®
products provide superior performance, Titebond®III is
especially useful for outdoor applications in cooler temperatures or when
concern for substantial moisture calls for the use of a Type I glue. For
interior applications, the longer working time of Titebond®III provides
woodworkers the necessary latitude to ensure that substrates are precisely
aligned before being bonded. Overall, Titebond®III combines superior
strength, Type I water-resistance, long open time and low chalk temperature
into one easy-to-use formulation

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Weight5 kg
Dimensions200 × 200 × 300 mm


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