Abrasive Sanding Belts

Abrasive Sanding Belts with Heavy Duty “X Weight” cloth. Aluminium oxide or zirconia abrasive grain.

These belts are suitable for rapid removal of substrate material when using the coarse and very coarse grit sizes. Finer grit sizes will yield a smooth finish.
The Aluminium Oxide belts are suitable for use on plastics, wood and metal products. The Zirconia belts are the best option for metals and metallic alloys.
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50mm wide sanding belts for small linishing and bench mounted sanding machines.

75mm wide sanding belts for portable belt sanders

100mm wide sanding belts for portable belt sanders and bench top linishing machines

150mm wide sanding belts for belt and disc combination machines, as well as horizontal belt machines.

13mm wide sanding belts for power file machines

30mm wide sanding belts.

abrasive sanding belts

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