Eltrak Sliding Door Products

Sliding Door Hardware from Eltrak. For loads up to 200kg, 450kg and 650kg.

Sliding door rollers and track to suit shed and garage doors though to for aircraft hangars. The range of rollers and track will be a help to farmers for implement sheds as well as retro fitting worn items on existing warehouse doors.
The applications don’t end there as we have witnessed these roller systems being used in the sliding gates of trucks and semi trailers even on mobile punching bags.

Some things you need to know.

Eltrak Sliding Door components have been designed and engineered to give you years of trouble free operation. However, like all things mechanical they will need a little periodic maintenance and your adherence to a few simple basic rules …

DO NOT grease tracks- it can cause wheel slippage and excessive component wear. Lubricants will trap any grit or dirt and you will end up with a very effective grinding paste slowly destroying your track and rollers.

DO NOT weld tracks direct to support beams as it may cause distortion and weakening of the track preventing it from retaining the correct shape for efficient carriage operation and movement, and from bearing the specified door loads.

Tracks should always be hung using the correct Eltrak support brackets.

Eltrak Sliding Door Products | Elraco
Don’t use grease on the rollers
Eltrak Sliding Door Products
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