Sanding Belts 6 x 48 Inch. 150x1220mm. Packs of ten belts


Sanding Belts 6 X 48 Inch Ten Pack.

150 X 1220mm Cloth Sanding Belt.
Suitable for working with wood products, ferrous and non ferrous alloys.

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Sanding Belts 6 X 48 Inch. Ten Pack.

  • 150 X 1220mm.  Cloth Backed.
  • Grain Type:- Aluminium Oxide
    Aluminium Oxide is a very tough and durable abrasive grain that has been laid on the cloth substrate while presenting the sharpest point. This provides excellent stock removal properties.
    As the grain wears it undergoes Conchoidal fracture to keep a sharp point and keep providing the high rates of removal
  • Belts Made from XA167 X-Weight Poly-Cotton Cloth
    Super durable and anti static backing material allows the belt to keep its dimensional accuracy and run cooler
  • Bonding:- Resin Over Resin
    Phenolic resin base coat with a stabilising over coat to support the AlOx grain during the service life of the belt.
  • Coating:- Close Coat
    Close coat abrasives pack the abrasive grain as tight as possible onto the backing material. This will give the longest service life due to the amount of abrasive material available. This does mean that soft or “sticky” materials can clog the surface.

Colour:- Brown
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Weight2.8 kg
Dimensions320 × 150 × 160 mm
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