Soft Close Mechanism For Two Doors -Cowdroy TT59800


Soft Close Mechanism For Two Doors

TT59800 Soft Close Mechanism – For Two Doors


Soft Close Mechanism For Two Doors

Triumph Soft Close has been tested to, and passed at 80kg per door. The original Soft Close kit was brought in to suit our Robemaker system and had a weight rating of 40kg. This weight capacity limited the door weight or the life expectancy when used with the Triumph sliding door track system and Soft Close Adapter.

We recently moved to a slightly different soft close unit which has allowed us to re-test to the greater weight capacity desired for use with Triumph. We are pleased to advise that this new unit has completed in excess of 17,000 cycles at 80kg door weight capacity and has been passed as suitable for use for up to 80kg door weights.

The Triumph Soft-Close option may be retro-fitted to existing Triumph Sliding systems, including cavity door applications, as long as there is enough room overhead to mount the adapter. The TT59800 Soft Close Kit consists of 2 soft close units, 2 standard actuators and fixing screws.

The TT35700 adapter is a simple metal plate which sits alongside the track and strikes on the soft close unit – which is mounted on the top of the door. The adapter and the soft-close units are both non-handed so may be used at either end or both ends of the track. It is important to note that the adapter plate does not suit the wall mounted Triumph Track.

***The TT35700 Adapter is NOT included in the TT59800 Soft Close Kit and must be purchased separately. ***

Additional information

Weight.178 kg
Dimensions300 × 80 × 20 mm