Quality Pantry Units from Kesseböhmer.

Pantry Units from Kesseböhmer provide pull out pantries and tandem style kitchen storage for tall wall units.

Sometimes referred to as larders, these pantry units from Kesseböhmer are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes to fit into almost any area. Highest quality materials and construction methods are used to meet or exceed your expectations for ease of use and functionality.

Dispensa pull out pantries by Kesseböhmer

Not an inch wasted! The DISPENSA pantry pull-out allows up to 100 kg of stored groceries to glide smoothly out of the cabinet. It is installed very quickly, requires no maintenance and can be cleaned without a problem. These are impressive benefits!

TANDEM offers completely new options for storing foodstuffs! Opening the cabinet door will trigger one of those thrilling moments. The intelligent pull-out technology draws the rear section automatically forwards, creating an impressive overview of easily accessible supplies.

Tandem pantries by Kesseböhmer
-Anthracite “Style” trays

-Chrome finish “Style” Trays.

-Chrome finish “Classic” trays.

The Kesseböhmer CONVOY pull-out family has the space to store all a household‘s groceries in one central unit with a very small footprint. A gentle pull brings the fitting with all the contents out in front of the cabinet giving you a clear overview from both sides and fast access to whatever you need.

Convoy pantries by Kesseböhmer


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Pantry Units from Kesseböhmer